The Team


The Team


Carol O'Brien (BProc - UNISA, MBA - Oxford Brookes)
Non-Executive Chairperson


Carol serves as non-executive chairperson on the TradeSafe board. She is leader and mentor to the TradeSafe team, keeping the team on the straight and narrow and ensuring all regulatory provisions are complied with.

Carol is also executive director of the American Chamber of Commerce in South Africa whereby she works with 250 American companies in South Africa providing networking events, hosts 8 forums bi-monthly with guest speakers, and responds to legislation (writing and oral representation to parliament).

Jethro O'Brien (BCom Hons, BCTA, BCom Hons, CFA Level I)
Chief Executive and Co-Founder


Jethro is the Chief Executive Officer of TradeSafe and is responsible for executing the organisation's strategy and overseeing its day-to-day operations.

Jethro spent eight years in the Forensic audit division of KPMG. The knowledge and experience gained in working in fraud investigations and identifying fraud risk aided him in deriving a robust escrow methodology. After KPMG, Jethro spent three years with the Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) division of Ernst & Young (EY).

Jethro has completed two BCom (Hons) degrees in the areas of Business Intelligence (2005) and Investment Management (2011) and will attempt CFA level II when time allows.

Richard Banks
Director of IT


Richard is the Director of IT for TradeSafe and is responsible for the development and day to day operation of the organisation's IT infrastructure.

Richard started programming at the age of 11 and started developing websites while he was in High School. He started a web development business in 2006 and has since worked on projects for major South African businesses, multinationals, universities and government.

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