About Us

TradeSafe is South Africa's trusted third party in a trade between yourself and another party. We are an independent online escrow platform that provides protection by securely safeguarding the funds and the documentation in trust, until both parties are satisfied that the terms of the transaction have been met. Only then do we release the funds to the Seller.

Online trading in South Africa is risky and dangerous, and just about everybody has been scammed, or knows somebody that has been scammed. This site was developed by the TradeSafe partners who have all been victims of fraud.

TradeSafe provides Buyers and Sellers with a secure platform from which to transact. While the age-old adage "possession is nine-tenths of the law" rings true, TradeSafe helps level the balance between Buyer and Seller. Ever procured a service and haven't received what you paid for? Worse, have you lost a deposit to an unscrupulous supplier? As a Seller, have you completed your side of a deal and had to wait for the money or not received payment at all? Industry is hampered by this type of risk. Scammers, posing as customers, order goods worth thousands of Rands and do not pay up once the goods have been delivered. We prioritise your protection.

TradeSafe – Legal Status

Instead of blindly trusting your counterparty, TradeSafe enables you to take control of your transaction for a nominal transaction fee. Without your trust we don’t have a business, so we take this aspect very seriously! The entity that holds the funds is a separately registered company called TradeSafe Trust (Pty) Ltd Registration No. 2015/129311/07 which is audited by a registered independent audit firm. In addition, the funds are covered by fidelity insurance underwritten by leaders in Broad Form Liability Insurance.

Association of System Operators

TradeSafe is a member of the Association of System Operators which has a seat on the South African Reserve Bank National Payment System Advisory Board. Please click here to verify our membership.

Goldman Judin Inc

Our legal counsel is Mr Michael Judin of boutique law firm Goldman Judin Attorneys

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